Take care of my skin with a mask

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While wearing a mask is now an integral part of your daily life, the skin problems it causes are increasingly felt...

By creating a kind of "microclimate" in the cheek area and around the mouth, your mask can cause a lot of inconvenience: breakouts, redness, itching or even burning sensations.

In some people, its effects can be felt in a very embarrassing way since it will accentuate the fragility of sensitive skin or even aggravate the symptoms of acne-prone skin.

So how do you take care of your skin with a mask? Here are our tips:

Moisturize your skin just before putting on your mask: the Feel Good day cream is our deep hydration cream, it will become your best friend.

It prevents the drying of the skin on fragile areas such as the lips. The Pink Me Now lip balm enriched with shea butter and sweet almond oil will deeply hydrate this area.

To prevent your imperfections from degenerating, we make sure to dry them out with the So Perfect facial treatment, our perfecting purifying gel.

Finally, it seems obvious, but we limit the application of make-up, because it tends to prevent your skin from breathing, and with the mask, we try to make your skin breathe as best as possible!