Digital pollution, you know?

If you are addicted to screens and always on the cutting edge of information, the time spent behind your smartphone has an effect on the quality of your skin... And bad news: the blue light emitted by phones, tablets, televisions, bulbs LEDs, laptops or other tablets generate oxidative stress which acts negatively on the tissues of the dermis.

Oxidative stress? No way!

If until now we knew the negative effect of blue light on sight and the quality of sleep, researchers are now looking into its role in skin aging. In question ? Its wavelength which penetrates the epidermis even more deeply than UVA and UVB rays… By exposing ourselves to it regularly through the screens of our technological toys, our skin undergoes what is called oxidative stress. The consequences of this daily exposure? Skin that becomes dehydrated, suffers from small redness, dryness, even hyperpigmentation… In short, it ages and gets tired faster!

#MadeWithCare 2.0 cosmetics that go straight to the point

To the rescue of active and ultra-connected women, M/C Made With Care facial treatments provide a global anti-digital pollution response.
Developed with 90% ingredients of natural origin, the formulas are free of parabens, silicones, mineral oils and also alcohol. On the other hand, they are rich in antioxidants which reinforce the cutaneous barrier against the attacks of blue light. At stake ? Protected cells and deeply plumped skin.

Your new beauty routine for a #EffetWhaou!

So that you no longer have to choose between your day care and daily blue light protection, M/C Made With Care has developed an accessible line produced in France, consisting of 12 creams (day & night) and serums. Your new personalized beauty prescription?

Your skin is combination to oily: it suffers from irregularities and imperfections.

So Perfect, the Perfecting Purifying Gel
Its active ingredients: an M/C anti-pollution complex + biomimetic peptide from Royal Jelly + a grapefruit extract
Your skin after : tightened pores, less shine and more radiance!

Your skin is normal to combination: the complexion is dull and shows its first wrinkles.

Forever Young, Youth Radiance Cream
Its active ingredients: an M/C anti-pollution complex + an anti-wrinkle peptide complex + cottonseed oil.
Your skin after : it is protected, plumped and more radiant.

Your skin is dry: it pulls and you have fine lines from dehydration.

Feel Good, Intense Hydration Cream
Its active ingredients: an M/C anti-pollution complex + an Imperata Cylindrica desert plant extract + hyaluronic acid
Your skin after : it is hydrated, comfortable and supple.