How to protect your skin from the cold?

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When the cold sets in, the skin reacts: it is drier, feels tight, heats up... Indeed, the cold slows down blood circulation and attacks the hydrolipidic film of the skin, which plays its role as a barrier less effectively against attacks. exterior.

Prevention is better than cure !

To avoid minor inconveniences, take care of your skin on a daily basis and switch your beauty routine to winter mode with a suitable face cream and non-aggressive care products (make-up remover, cleanser, etc.). Choose pleasant textures, smells that make you happy and, even better, pretty colorful products that put a good mood in your bathroom!

Opt for a cleansing milk and cleansing water enriched with hyaluronic acid, this molecule with strong moisturizing power that captures water in the tissues and retains it to avoid drying out the skin. Choose a regenerating mask to apply once a week and an intense moisturizing cream to nourish your skin and help it form the barrier it needs during the day to face the cold.

Made with Care treatments will help you boost your skin to preserve its radiance day after day and spend the winter in style!

The little extra

Our Pink Me Now exfoliating lip stick eliminates small unsightly dead skin, durably rehydrates, smoothes the lips and enhances them with a pretty pink, perfect for facing the cold winter days.