The secrets of a radiant complexion

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At the end of this confined year, the complexion can tend to be a little dull. Do not panic ! Here are the secrets to restoring your skin's radiance and glowing during the holidays.

Remove make-up well

Pollution and make-up residue dull the complexion, accentuate dark circles and promote the appearance of small imperfections. Don't forget to remove your make-up thoroughly every evening. Choose a good make-up remover and a cleanser adapted to your skin to eliminate all impurities and have clean and fresh skin.

Little tip: a little cold water on the face at the end of the shower will activate blood circulation and give an immediate boost of radiance.

Hydrate daily

Skin hydration is the basis for luscious, radiant skin. Choose a radiance-boosting day care to display a radiant complexion all day long.

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliating the skin is essential to eliminate all the small dead cells that make the complexion dull. Once or twice a week, a gentle exfoliation purifies the skin and maintains the complexion.

Bet on the mask

After exfoliation, the mask soothes the skin, replenishes it with water and revives the complexion.

Our Rising Star radiance face mask is your best ally against dull complexion. It has an ultra glittery texture to illuminate the skin in minutes. Thanks to the antioxidant vitamin C it contains, it durably reduces the signs of fatigue.

Play sports

Physical activity stimulates blood circulation. Come on, boom! We put ourselves there to display pretty rosy cheeks!