How to take off make up well ?

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We all know that removing make-up every evening is an essential gesture to have beautiful skin. So, how to remove makeup effectively before going to sleep?

Choose the right makeup remover

Make-up remover lotion, make-up remover oil, cleansing foam, make- up remover milk ... make-up remover care can take various forms. Choose according to your habits and preferences, but also according to your skin type and the make-up you use on a daily basis. For example, make-up removers in oil or milk are more effective in erasing traces of waterproof make-up but are not always suitable for oily skin for which it is better to favor a make-up remover in lotion or foam.

Cleanse the eyes, complexion, mouth...

The ideal make-up removal is done in several steps: gently remove make-up from the eyes with a washable cotton pad soaked in make-up remover (milk or lotion) which is left on for a few moments to avoid rubbing the sensitive area around the eye. We remove make-up from the lips then move on to the complexion on the rest of the face by massaging the make-up remover with your fingertips to loosen make-up pigments and impurities. Finish by rinsing with clear water or with a cotton ball soaked in tonic water.

Pamper the skin

After a good make-up removal, the skin breathes, but it has been a little assaulted by the passage of cotton, rinsing with hot water etc... and is only waiting for one thing: to be rehydrated! Don't forget to apply at least one light moisturizer or nourishing treatment if your skin is dehydrated. Once a week, you can even apply a mask to leave on for a few minutes to replenish your skin with water.