How to avoid blemishes?

A fresh and luminous complexion, smooth skin... There's nothing like feeling good about yourself! So how do you avoid or treat blemishes on a daily basis?

Basic rule, make-up removal, and no matter what! With a makeup remover without silicone and mineral oil.

Face Off cleansing milk will dissolve foundation, powder, etc. while letting your skin breathe: perfect against small pimples.

Then, cleanse with the Light Up cleansing foam to perfect make-up removal and rid your skin of the last impurities.

We treat locally with So Perfect, our purifying gel , ideal for treating small imperfections on a daily basis, while letting your skin breathe.

Finally, once or twice a week, bring softness and radiance to your skin with our Rising Star radiance face mask.

With this routine, believe us, you can say goodbye to imperfections!