How to properly hydrate your skin?

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"Hydration" is the magic word for healthy skin. But it is not necessarily easy to identify the needs of your skin, nor to adopt the appropriate behavior to accompany it on a daily basis... Two essential questions deserve answers: Why and how to moisturize your skin? What beauty gestures to adopt? The goal: a boost of radiance and freshness!

When we say of a skin that it is dehydrated, it means that it lacks water. Concretely: it's this feeling of tightness, the dull complexion...

So to restore a maximum of water to your skin, we have the solution:

Already, it is essential to moisturize your eye contour well: At First Sight, our global eye contour cream is enriched with ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid, which will relieve this ultra-sensitive part of your face.

Then, we apply a moisturizer every day, but not just any moisturizer: Feel Good, our intense hydration cream, which is enriched with desert plant extract which is able to retain water in the skin until at 24 hours!

Finally, we do not forget his smile! With Pink Me Now, you will find all the comfort your lips need.