SOS I have dark circles!

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Whatever your age, whatever your skin tone: dark circles can appear under your eyes. Why do they appear? How to get rid of it? Here are our tips.

Dark circles, what are they?

The eye contour is the area of ​​the face where the skin is thinnest. It has almost no protective hydrolipidic film, which makes it all the more vulnerable to external aggressions.

Dark circles are variations in color around the eye, between the lower eyelid and the cheekbone. It can also dig into the skin around the eyes. It gives the look a tired and aged appearance.

Why do we have dark circles?

Dark circles can be due to multiple factors, starting with poor blood circulation, this is the case for bluish dark circles.

Lifestyle, however, remains the most recurrent factor concerning dark circles problems. Indeed, stress, fatigue or lack of sleep, the consumption of alcohol or tobacco, but also an unbalanced diet impact blood circulation, and therefore contribute to their appearance.

There are also hollow circles that are not necessarily colored. The skin becomes hollow due to the disappearance of skin fat; in other words, when we get older in most cases.

How to fight dark circles?

To fight against the appearance of dark circles, it is therefore first necessary to stimulate the blood circulation of the eye contour, to activate its cellular regeneration.

Depigmenting the darkened area and brightening the eye contour will restore an even color around the eye.

It is also important to firm and smooth the skin of the eyelids.

A specific treatment for the eye contour will therefore help to visibly reduce dark circles.

At First Sight, our eye contour treatment

Caffeine is one of the most famous natural active ingredients for its stimulating properties.

Combined with hyaluronic acid in our At First Sight treatment, (link to the product) it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles and provides a lifting action on the eyelids.

At First Sight also contains Peruvian Pepper Tree and Nasturtium extracts which help protect against air pollution and blue light damage.

Our treatment will therefore help you regain a revived look by removing all traces of fatigue.

When applying this treatment, gently pat the eye contour to apply it and stimulate the skin by activating microcirculation.