At what age do wrinkles appear?

A wrinkle is a furrow formed in the skin. If the wrinkles appear during the contraction of the expression muscles, and relax at the same time as the tension of these muscles: these are expression wrinkles. But wrinkles that don't fade are usually due to aging skin. Why do they appear? Can we prevent them? Adopt the best routine with M/C.

Why do wrinkles appear?

From the age of 25, the cells of the skin regenerate less and less quickly, the production of collagen slows down. The skin loses its elasticity; the first wrinkles appear on the face, neck, décolleté; where the skin is thinner and more fragile.

Skin aging is generally natural. Strong sun exposure and lifestyle also have a major role in this process.

How to prevent them?

If there are many treatments against wrinkles, it is possible to limit their appearance by adopting the right gestures, and this from about 20 years old...

A good hydration and a good cleaning of the skin, as well as a regular exfoliation are inevitable. Knowing that the sun is one of the main causes of skin aging; applying daily day care including sun protection is important. If you have dry or dehydrated skin; Pay extra attention because this type of skin ages faster than average.

Like exposure to the sun, lifestyle is also one of the major factors in skin aging; tobacco, air pollution, stress, lack of hydration and lack of sleep accelerate this phenomenon.

What routine to adopt?

  • It depends on the age of your skin:
  • You still don't have any fine lines: your skin remains taut because it still regenerates properly on its own and it still produces as much collagen as it needs. The prevention of wrinkles then requires rigorous hygiene and the use of a moisturizing cream daily.

  • Your first wrinkles appear: your cell renewal is still rapid, but your first wrinkles are often expression lines or dehydration lines. In this case, it may be time to start an anti-aging routine to preserve your skin, especially the area around the eyes, which is the most fragile. Specific care will also prevent the appearance of dark circles or puffiness.

  • Your wrinkles are accentuated: from the age of 35, cell renewal and collagen production slow down. Anti-sagging skin care is then your best option. Treatments enriched with vitamin C are the most recommended, thanks to their anti-wrinkle and antioxidant action.

At any age, using a night cream prevents the appearance of wrinkles. At night, the cells regenerate; the care applied is therefore much more effective and promotes this renewal.