How to protect your skin from the sun?

With the return of sunny days, the skin is increasingly exposed to the sun. If of course sun protection is necessary, other treatments are also necessary in order to prepare the skin for strong exposure to the sun. Here are our tips.

Why prepare your skin for the sun?

If everyone wants to sport tanned skin and a luminous complexion during the summer, you should know that getting a tan can and should be done without destroying your sun capital. It is unpleasant to get a sunburn, but it is above all dangerous for your health! Indeed, taking a sunburn accelerates the aging of your skin.

To strengthen your skin and tan faster, sun protection and preparation for exposure are your best allies!

1st step: Exfoliation

The skin needs to be deeply cleansed and invigorated after hiding it all winter long.

Exfoliation stimulates and prolongs the tan, but it also makes it more uniform and long-lasting.

If exfoliation is essential, it should be used only once a week and choose a gentle exfoliation, especially for the face and décolleté, where the skin is thinner, so as not to make it vulnerable to the sun.

The Born Again exfoliating cream is an ultra-gentle exfoliation made up of micro-grains of silica which eliminate impurities and dead skin that accumulate on the surface.

2nd step: hydration

Do not forget to complete your exfoliation with a moisturizer so as not to dry out your skin. The drier the skin, the more it can suffer from the sun. Hydration is therefore recommended at least once a day.

Feel Good Moisturizing Cream deeply hydrates and provides extreme comfort. It allows your skin to recharge with water thanks to the hyaluronic acid it contains. Enriched with imperata cylindrica extract, the natural active ingredient that keeps water in the skin for up to 24 hours after application, Feel Good eliminates feelings of tightness and provides maximum, long-lasting hydration.