Hydration: the secret of perfect skin

Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, your skin may have a dehydration problem that impacts the health and appearance of your skin. With this lack of water, it can look duller or more prone to inflammation and breakouts, so moisturizing your skin will make it softer and smoother.

The solution ? A rich cream is composed of protective and nourishing fatty active ingredients to compensate for dehydrated skin. Preserve your skin every day with a cream that suits you in order to better nourish and protect it.

Oily skin

Oily skin needs like all others to be nourished and hydrated. It remains important to choose gentle and soothing skincare products to allow your skin to regulate its overproduction of sebum.

Also subject to imperfections, you use drying products, which is why your skin then becomes dehydrated. It reacts by producing even more sebum to protect itself, which fuels a veritable vicious cycle of shiny, oily skin.

Dry skin

Your dry and fragile skin is dehydrated because it does not produce enough sebum, natural lipids it needs to protect itself from external aggressions.

Reinforcing your skin with lipids will allow it to protect itself from pollution, bacteria, cold... and thus avoid redness, feelings of tightness or even imperfections.

The routine for dehydrated skin

In order to obtain good hydration, cleanse your skin with a gentle exfoliation once a week in addition to a gentle and moisturizing cleanser respecting your skin's sensitivity.

Then apply a serum to your perfectly dry and cleansed skin. Highly concentrated in active ingredients according to the needs of the epidermis, it acts as a booster to complete the effects of the day cream.

After your serum, apply the FEEL INTENSE Intense Hydration Cream morning and evening by massaging lightly from bottom to top for a mechanical lifting effect to alleviate feelings of tightness! Enriched with Squalane, the FEEL INTENSE Intense Hydration Cream is able to retain water in the skin like a hydrolipidic film for up to 24 hours to protect it against loss of hydration.

Its enveloping texture penetrates more easily and allows maximum hydration with Cylindrica extract for extreme comfort. Durably hydrated, your dry skin regains all its softness and suppleness.

How to complete the use of FEEL INTENSE Cream?

In order to hydrate your epidermis in depth, create a complete routine with comforting treatments. Start by gently removing make-up with CLEAR OFF Cleansing Emulsion , to be completed with NEW START Moisturizing Cleansing Water to tone your skin: the ideal combo to prepare your skin to receive its day or night care without dry it out.

Finer and more sensitive, the face cream is not suitable for moisturizing the eye contour. Use the BRIGHT SIGHT Global Eye Contour Cream which will reduce the appearance of your puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles then move on to hydration with the FEEL INTENSE Cream .