soft and hydrated lips

Who has never dreamed of having soft, hydrated and lightly tinted lips? Well, that's the whole promise of our Pink Me Now 3-in-1 lip balm!

First things first: erase your lips. This is the first step offered by our lip balm: thanks to sugar grains and apricot kernels, which will gently exfoliate your lips.

Ultra dry and rough lips won't stand up to this scrub!

Then, focus on hydration: sweet almond and coconut oil will replenish the lipid content of your skin and create a protective layer to fight against water loss.

Last but not least, the color: the Pink Me Now lip balm enhances the natural color of your lips. The tint is created according to the PH of your skin: a balm for thousands of possibilities.

Your lips are incredibly smooth, perfectly hydrated and slightly rosy, in short, what more could you ask for?