Why exfoliate the face?

Exfoliation is essential in your beauty routine; both winter and summer. Relaxing moment with multiple benefits, what are the effects of a scrub and how to optimize its effectiveness?

Why do a facial scrub?

Scrubs are used to unclog pores, refine skin texture, and stimulate cell renewal. Exfoliation also promotes the penetration of cosmetic active ingredients; and improves the effectiveness of the care applied afterwards.

For skin with imperfections, exfoliation is a precious ally. It rids the skin of its impurities and limits the excessive production of sebum.

In winter, the exfoliation calls for hydration, and therefore prevents your skin from drying out. In summer, it evens out your tan and keeps it longer.

How to successfully exfoliate?

For an optimal effectiveness of your exfoliation, choose an exfoliation adapted to your skin! Our Born Again scrub is suitable for all skin types (dry, combination, oily). Don't forget to cleanse your skin before exfoliating it. Make gentle and repetitive gestures on your face, without forgetting the neckline, and avoiding the eye area.

Rinse your skin properly before drying it, and, finally; apply a cream or moisturizer.