Oily skin: should it be moisturized?


What is oily skin?

Oily skin tends to shine all over the face (especially on the T zone: the forehead, nose and chin), it is prone to redness, blackheads and other imperfections, the skin texture is irregular.

The main problem with oily skin is excessive sebum production and dilated pores. Oily skin is therefore more prone to the appearance of imperfections.

The skin can be oily by nature but also become so due to stress, poor diet, pollution... All these factors influence the functioning of the epidermis.

Actions to ban

When you have oily skin, you tend to want to dry it out and therefore use treatments that are too irritating (exfoliants, mattifying treatments, etc.) But the more the skin is attacked, the more sebum it will produce. Gentle purifying treatments are therefore to be preferred.

It is often mistakenly thought that oily skin does not lack water and therefore should not be moisturized. But it is precisely good hydration that will allow the skin to regulate its sebum production.

In conclusion, you should never overlook the hydration of your skin.

You should not confuse cleaning your skin with “stripping” your skin… and you should favor gentle and circular movements when cleaning.

Which routine to adopt for oily skin?

The perfect routine for oily skin should help regulate sebum production.

Daily cleansing is necessary: ​​after carefully removing make-up from your skin, clean it with water or a gentle cleansing foam.

Hydration is essential: it will reduce the hypersecretion of sebum and unify the complexion. The moisturizer should be light so as not to over-nourish the skin.

It is recommended to exfoliate and then apply a face mask once or twice a week. These treatments must be carefully chosen according to the needs of the skin.

So Perfect, the ally of oily skin

So Perfect is a purifying gel specially designed to hydrate and purify combination to oily skin.

This treatment limits the excessive production of sebum, its texture is pleasant for oily skin, and helps reduce shine, while reviving the skin's radiance.

Thanks to the grapefruit extract it contains, it has astringent properties to tighten pores and thus eliminate imperfections.

Our advice for use: use morning and evening all over the face, or target localized areas prone to imperfections.